Welcome to Each Little Adventure, which has been created so that I can share my adventures and hopefully inspire some of your own!

I got my first taste of long-term travel in 2015 when I ventured to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa with my partner Tom. I fell in love with Australia and all of the incredible experiences we were having; kayaking alongside dolphins, watching penguins escape the ocean at sunset and retreat to their burrows, scuba diving in The Great Barrier Reef

After a year in Australia we spent the following three months travelling around New Zealand, Thailand and China, all of which had completely different aspects of travelling to offer, from stunning landscapes, unique wildlife and fascinating history and culture.

When I was traveling, setting up a blog just wasn’t sustainable for me (believe me, I tried. And yes, I do regret not taking my laptop to Australia with me). Unfortunately I’ve come to this travel blogging party a little late, which means I’ll be posting blogs about destinations I may have travelled to this time last year.

I’m going to try and keep things as chronological as I can.

Happy travels!